Get the high end Cyberlink photo editing software that allows user to edit the photos and turn your photos into amazing art work. There is professional quality tools where there is AI style engine can analyze your photo intelligently and apply brushstroke to your photo so that it looks like hand painted by master artist. The content aware clone lets you to remove, duplicate or move the objects or people within photos by simply brushing over them and the photo director instantly fills spaces using intelligent algorithm that matches to the surrounding background. One click key-stone correction makes quickly fix common distortion that arise while shooting in urban setting. Advanced layer editing tool provides the flexibility to create unique image composition by combining images, text and graphics. Layer mask are used to hide portion of layer and reveal it below the layer. Group layering lets you to establish a relationship between layers even if they are not next to each other in your layer order. After the layer are selected into group then you can move or adjust simultaneously. The adjustment layer include exposure, contrast and white balance where you can edit an adjustment layer whilst leaving the underlying pixel unchanged. Clipping mask allow the content and transparency of one layer to control the visibility of another. You can do 360° photo editing where you can import, edit, correct and export 360˚ photos using our cutting-edge feature. There is also easy way to create artistic panoramic shot in no time and also straighten them to remove distortion on the horizon for perfect shots.

There is touch up tools in the new photo director to remove imperfection from the portrait, selfie and group shots. The photo director comes with many improved features like tethered shooting, soft proofing, advanced layer editing and content aware editing. The tethered shooting lets you to get the perfect photo n fewer shots and the shot that you have taken can be instantly viewed on monitor so that you can identify and fix problem with focus, lighting and composition. You can save even more time that lets you to view a simulated printer output on your monitor.advanced layer editing lets you to create a unique image composition by combining images, text and graphics. Finally, content aware editing removes duplicate or move objects or people within photos simply brushing over them. It fills space over intelligent algorithm that blends perfectly with the surrounding background. Multi exposure shot lets you to get a number of photos from a video clip and then convert it to a multi-exposure images with single click and the video to photo face swap creates perfect group photos from videos. Vibrant motion still lets you to give touch over section of a video clip to retain movements in that area only where other parts of the video will be frozen. The cyberlink cloud is designed to work with photodirector to safely store your media and you can also backup the work. You can all adjustment in a photo and has all kinds of features.